Version 2.2.0 of Altima Lookbook for Magento 2 released

Altima Lookbook for Magento 2, version 2.2.0 screehsot
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New version of Altima Lookbook for Magento 2 is released with number of major functionality improvements:

  • Progressive slider load – new slides are loaded while user view already loaded slides. This is a useful feature for a slider with significant number of slides, such sliders loads much faster now
  • Possibility to embed sliders as standard Magento widget. It helps easier embed the slide virtually anywhere
  • Added hotspot to product category link. Now you can link hotspot with category page.
  • Improved category selection UX (more visual way of category selection via category tree displayed rather than id references)
  • Proper support of Tier/Customer group pricing
  • Configurable product options like color/size can be displayed inside hotspot pop-up

You can view new version demo at

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Annotated Product Images Magento extension released

Magento Annotated Product Images Extension

New Magento extension from Altima – Annotated Product Images has been released today

Now Magento eCommerce store owner can add interactive hotspots right to product image. On rollover users can see:

  • text annotation
  • URL to other web pages
  • Buy now product pop-ups

Annotated Product Images extension is useful for:

  • Complex products that benefit from explanation what and where is on the photos and schemes
  • Premium and luxury products – retailers can stress the most important and exclusive features like specific materials
  • Interrelated products can be linked straight from the product image, like you can up-sell poles with skis

Annotated Product Images for Magento eCommerce extension screenshots

You can see extension in action on the demo website

To purchase Magento Annotated Product Images extension visit our store

Altima Lookbook Free for WooCommerce released

lookbook free for woocommerce plugin

Today we have officially released the first version of our lookbook plug-in for Woocommerce/Wordpress.

It’s based on the most popular lookbook extension for Magento eCommerce, so now Woocommerce merchants can provide “shop the look” experience to their customer. Essentially Altima Lookbook allows merchants to create sliders with several clickable markers/tags/hotspots per slide, each of them can be linked to product or any arbitrary URL. That way you can place for example a photo of the room with hotspot on a chair a bed and a sofa or photo of models with tags on their dresses, handbags and hats.

Lookbook for WooCommerce screenshot

First of all lookbook can be useful for fashion/apparel and homewares/furniture retailers, while we have examples of uses across many other sectors including gifts, auto spare parts, bicycle traders.

To see Altima Lookbook for Woocommerce in action – visit our demo webiste

The plug-in is available free of charge at official WordPress plugin website.

We plan to release a professional version of Altima Lookbook for WordPress with extended functionality shortly.

SUPEE-6788 compatibility patches for Altima Lookbook issued

Altima Lookbook Magento Extension SUPEE-6788 update

As most of the people in Magento community know last week Magento issued a new security patch SUPEE-6788 that does a good job to harden Magento against cyber criminals. This patch however changes admin routing that leads to the lost of back compatibility with many extensions, including our Lookbook (both Free and Pro versions).

To address this issue we’ve released new versions of the extension and prepared patches for old releases. The references and recommendations are below.

Altima Lookbook Professional

A new minor update version 1.6.2 compatible with SUPEE-6788 is released, that is what a new customer gets when purchases Altima Lookbook Pro from our online store.

We’ve also prepared patches for 3 previous versions, the links to download them are below:

You just need to download patches and replace the files they contain.

If you run older than 1.5.2 version of Altima Lookbook Pro it is probably time to upgrade. Aside of SUPEE-6788 there are number of great features available in newer releases.

Altima Lookbook Free

We’ve released a minor update version, 1.1.1 that is compatible with SUPEE-6788, you can download it from our online store (free of charge). We’ve submitted new version to Magento Connect, hopefully it will be approved there soon.

Also you can apply the patch to your existing install (latest previous version  1.1.0) – PatchFixSupee6788-Free1.1.0

If you have an older version we suggest you to upgrade.



Sell on Twitter from Magento

Yes, it is possible now to sell directly on Twitter: users don’t have to leave their Twitter mobile app to complete the purchase.

Sell on Twitter from Magento Store with Altima extension

We think that Magento merchants needs that functionality and have started to develop the extension that integrates Magento with Twitter via Stripe Relay API.

One the extension is ready, it will allow Magento merchants easily list products from their store on Twitter with synchronisation of orders and inventory.

Interested to know more and be notified when the extension is ready for use?

Visit this link and subscribe for updates!



Better credit card form free Magento eCommerce extension is released

Entering payment information is a critical part of purchase process and even slight improvement there can help significantly lift online retailer’s revenue.

Some time ago we’ve discovered a great jQuery library developed by Jesse Pollak that makes the process to fill credit card details much more intuitive and user-friendly. It basically guide a user through the process and provides true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience. The image below (credits – J.Pollak) illustrates how it works better than words

Better credit card form for Magento eCommerce


The library is completely open-source (released under MIT) licence and we decided that it would be great to have a Magento eCommerce extension based on this library, so even not very technical savvy merchants can install it and benefit from much better credit card forms.

We were a bit busy with our other Magento extension, so it takes some time, but finally, Better Credit Card Form extension for Magento eCommerce is ready! We decided to release it under MIT licence, anybody can download it, use for commercial and non-commercial projects, improve and modify.

You are welcome to download the extension from our online store or Github and share your feedback with us.

New Free Magento extension – Payboard Conversion Optimisation

If you own online store you know that increasing your store conversion is an important source of additional revenue and profit. Event slight conversion increase can significantly improve both top and bottom lines of your online business.

Today we introduce a new extension that can help Magento eCommerce store owners in this never-ending quest: Payboard Conversion Optimisation extension for Magento.

Payboard - conversion pathes

Payboard is an innovative solution that helps your website visitors navigating through websites using “boosters”. Boosters are small overlay windows that appears on top of your website content and recommend the next step. The system is self-learning, so the next step is the one that based on past users behaviour provides the best conversion.

Payboard boosters
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Payboard works on subscription model, they have both free and paid plans.

Altima has developed official Payboard extension for Magento eCommerce, so installing Payboard to your Magento store is easy and doesn’t require to tweak the code.

The extension is free and available in Altima online store, so you are welcome to install it, get Payboard account and drive your Magento store conversion.

Lookbook Pro version 1.5.2 is released

Altima Lookbook Professional version 1.5.2 is released today.

Altima Lookbook Pro screnshot
Altima Lookbook Pro screnshot, click to the image to enlarge

What is new in the latest version:

  • support of real-time hotspots placement for better responsiveness. Now hotspots are placed on right positions on fly, without page reload, which is especially useful for mobile users who switch from portrait to landscape mode or vice-verse;
  • support of single slide mode. Some customer uses lookbook with just one slide. For example it can be used to display a scheme with many small products linked. We have improved usability for this case, right now if you have just one slide the navigation and transition effects will be automatically disabled, you may check single slide in action here (link to our demo-site);
  • support of default link. Right now you can define a default link for each slide. It is linked with the whole slide and works when user clicks to the slide area not related with any hotspots or in the case when the slider is degraded to simple gallery on very small screens. Effectively it also allows to use our extension for simple slider, when you need just one link per slide, so you don’t need to install multiple extensions;
  • small fixes and minor improvements;

You can check new version in action on demo website.

To purchase Altima Lookbook Professional – visit our online store.

Altima Lookbook Free is now responsive and supports Magento CE 1.9

Altima Lookbook Free Magento extension mobile screenshot
Click to the image to enlarge

Less than 2 months after upgrade of Altima Lookbook Professional we are happy to announce that a new version of Altima Lookbook Free is issued. New version changes:

  • Support of responsiveness, lookbook slider now adopts to the screen size. The same notes we had for Pro version responsiveness are relevant for free one too
  • Compatibility with Magento Community Edition version 1.9
  • Minor bug fixes

To download and install Altima Lookbook Free – go to our online store or to Magento Connect.

If you like our extension – spent couple minutes and give a review. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed too, you can connect with us via Twitter, Facebook or just drop email via contact form

Altima Lookbook new version released: better work with mobile, multi-domain version

We have released version 1.0.3 of Altima Lookbook extension for Magento e-commerce platform. Both free and paid editions are updated.

Now lookbook works better with mobile touchscreen devices – there were few issues with hotspots behaviour that we fixed.

In Pro version we have added an option to buy multi-domain license for the cases when you are running multiple store-fronts with different domains from a single Magento installation.

You are welcome to buy extensions in Altima Shop or check them on Magento Connect – Altima Lookbook Free and Altima Lookbook Pro