New Free Magento extension – Payboard Conversion Optimisation

If you own online store you know that increasing your store conversion is an important source of additional revenue and profit. Event slight conversion increase can significantly improve both top and bottom lines of your online business.

Today we introduce a new extension that can help Magento eCommerce store owners in this never-ending quest: Payboard Conversion Optimisation extension for Magento.

Payboard - conversion pathes

Payboard is an innovative solution that helps your website visitors navigating through websites using “boosters”. Boosters are small overlay windows that appears on top of your website content and recommend the next step. The system is self-learning, so the next step is the one that based on past users behaviour provides the best conversion.

Payboard boosters
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Payboard works on subscription model, they have both free and paid plans.

Altima has developed official Payboard extension for Magento eCommerce, so installing Payboard to your Magento store is easy and doesn’t require to tweak the code.

The extension is free and available in Altima online store, so you are welcome to install it, get Payboard account and drive your Magento store conversion.

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