How can you lose 8 out of 10 customers? Just have a poor web site

Recent┬áresearches show that 8 our of 10 customers will look for alternative if find that company’s web site is inadequate. Even more interesting, 30% of customers indicated that will stop to do the business with such company completely.

Same time, just 35% of companies have a web site and only 18% developed some digital strategy and just 13% issue newsletter or have a blog.

I am not sure, is it good or bad news. From the one hand, it’s clear that most Australian businesses failed to pass online test. From the other hand, it is also clear that those who put some efforts to their online strategy can often easily get an advantage and stand out from less Internet savvy competitors crowd.


To see full text and reference to researches, check Smart Startup

Thanks to Dan Norris from Web Circle for pointing me to this article.