Sell on Twitter from Magento

Yes, it is possible now to sell directly on Twitter: users don’t have to leave their Twitter mobile app to complete the purchase.

Sell on Twitter from Magento Store with Altima extension

We think that Magento merchants needs that functionality and have started to develop the extension that integrates Magento with Twitter via Stripe Relay API.

One the extension is ready, it will allow Magento merchants easily list products from their store on Twitter with synchronisation of orders and inventory.

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Two greatest barries to entry into Social Media

social media marketing barriers
(c) R2i

R2i surveyed 296 marketing professionals in Nov 2010 and  45 percent stated that time and resources would be their greatest combined challenge in 2011. Forty two percent stated that time and resources were the greatest barriers to entry into social media, and 38 percent that their biggest mistake with social media was not allocating proper time and resources. One possible reason for this conundrum may stem from companies trying to be all things to all people in all places, which is simply a time and resource impossibility for programmatic social media marketing. By optimizing scale and relevance within their social media programs, marketers can better devise and execute on activities that are necessary for effective social media marketing, such as strategy development, headcount allocation, and content creation.

Full research is available at R2integrated web site.