Custom web design provides advantages over templates

Many business people still don’t understand the importance of having a custom website designed specifically for them. They consider web site as an expense, rather than an investment. In an effort to save money, they often grab a template at random and design their own site, then wonder why it doesn’t get the response they anticipated.

Custom web sites benefits

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How to select a digital agency for your online project: a short guide

Selecting the web agency that’s right for your particular needs depends on what you want to accomplish. Selecting the right company can also be very confusing and the price of the mistake can be high.
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There are a number of things to consider when selecting a web agency to work with your business. This article contains a short guide that can help you in the process.
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How to select a web agency?

Recently I took part in answering LinkedIn question “how to select righ web agency?”. I believe that information posted there would be useful both for people thinking about ordering web design and development and for web agencies who care about their business. I will quote my own advice, for rest you are welcome to visit link at the end of post.

– references from customers of that agency. It is important to hear what clients say;
– size. For some tasks and some clients smaller agencies may be better, while for others the bigger partners are preferred;
– delivery model. It is neither good or bad, but you often need to know, where your agency developers are situated. From one hand, if they are offshore, it may explain the lower price, suspicious otherwise. From the other hand, If your project may require on-site job, you will need an agency with local specialists.

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