Custom web design provides advantages over templates

Many business people still don’t understand the importance of having a custom website designed specifically for them. They consider web site as an expense, rather than an investment. In an effort to save money, they often grab a template at random and design their own site, then wonder why it doesn’t get the response they anticipated.

Custom web sites benefits

For a personal blog or family photo page, a template can work fine. However, customers often make snap judgments about your business by the appearance of your website. A business site that has the same appearance as the local liquor store isn’t going to win any customers. Stanford University researches (see Web Credibility) show that design is top factor of assessment a web site credibility level.

Using a template is a good way to sacrifice an important competitive advantage. Templates aren’t exclusive and can be used by anyone, even your competitors. You’re throwing away the competitiveness of your own website. It also leads to customer confusion. If customers can’t tell your site from your competitor’s, it won’t matter to them who they give their business to, as long as they obtain what they want.

Templates also limit the flexibility of your website. You may have a great idea for a welcome video or other innovation, but you won’t be able to use it the way you want with a template. You can’t realize all the great ideas you have, since you can’t make any significant alterations to the basic design.

You also give up your branding advantage with a template. Your website displays your brand and your own unique style. It tells the world who you are and what you do. Unique design and content distinguishes your business from thousands of others offering the same type of product or service.

When their template-based website under-performs, most business people make the decision to engage the services of a professional website designer and developer. They’re talented and creative people who can take even your nebulous ideas and create a website that stands out above your competition. Web designers are the artists of web creation.

Custom web design and development is an art that takes talent. Designers work with you to help create your brand and the face you want to show the world – your website. Engaging the services of a web design professional isn’t cheap, but it pays big dividends later. The money you invest in your website now will continue to pay off in increased benefits for your business in the future.

For more information, or to order your custom web site, visit Altima Interactive (Melbourne, Australia), a company that creates individually tailored web solution over 10 years.

2 Replies to “Custom web design provides advantages over templates”

  1. It has been proven that template websites can hinder a websites SEO, and as the whole point of a website is to be seen by search engines it is not a wise decision to scrimp back on this very important area, not when there are web design companies who offer reasonably priced bespoke website designs.

  2. Well said! Templates have their place and that is really with knocking out the numbers type web design. Custom web development simply opens up the options.

    I like the fact that a business’ processes can be automated and kept error free, allowing the business to use the incredible amount of time saved for more productive tasks.

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