LookBook extension for Magento

Altima Lookbook  Magento extension provides online merchants with an ability to show their product in nice and compelling way, close to the way it is shown in print catalogues, but with interactive link to product pages.  For example you can show your dresses and accessories on sexy models and furniture in well designed living room. Each element of lookbook image can be tagged as a hotspot and linked to specific product page of your Magento online store.

Quick links:

Demo website

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Download Altima LookBook Free

Download Altima Lookbook Free User Guide

Screenshot below illustrates the point better than words:

Lookbook for Magento screenshot
Altima LookBook extension, front-end

The dollar signs mark ‘hot-spots’, areas at the image that linked with products. When your buyer hovers mouse over hotspot, a small pop-up with short product information and links to product page appears:

Lookbook extension for Magento with activated hotspot

Altima LookBook Free

Altima LookBook Free extension for Magento admin interface uses standard Magento design and easy to use. You can upload images (up to five), define hotspots (up to 3 per image), change images orders and link each hotspot with an item in your product database.

Screenshots of admin interface (Altima LookBook free):

Altima LookBook Free Magento Extension admin interface configuration

Altima LookBook Free Magento Extension admin interface edit hotspots

Download links:  Lookbook_free_0.1.4 , Altima Lookbook Free User Guide


Altima LookBook Professional

If you are interested in more advanced solution without limitations – check Altima LookBook Professional extension for Magento. 

For just $95 (Magento CE version) you’ll get:

  • ability to create multiple lookbooks with unlimited number of slides (images);
  • unlimited number of hotspots;
  • white label solution – no reference to Altima;
  • ability to upload custom hotspot item;
  • easy integration to Magento website pages (no need to edit templates);
  • priority support

Altima LookBook Professional admin interface screenshots:


Buy Altima LookBook Professional  


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