Does your digital marketing campaign work?

There is an old quote (reportedly from John Wanamaker) saying: “I know exactly that half of my advertisement doesn’t work, the problem that I don’t know which half”. That was a real problem which businesses faced in the middle of 20th century. Fortunately now, particularly for digital advertisement, we can answer this vital question and understand which our marketing activity works well, which not so well and which actually is a waste of money.

Strictly Business: ROMI of online advertisement

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Who is the biggest player on the hot group buying market in Australia? Comparative research.

After the phenomenal success of GroupOn, new group buying (group purchasing) web sites had started to appear virtually every day. It is extremely hot trend and even in Australia we have many of them. One day I asked myself, who is the leader of this market? Who close deals more often, attract more consumers and get highest volume of the transaction? So when I got some spare time, I conducted a small research to answer this questions and find out more insights.

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Custom web design provides advantages over templates

Many business people still don’t understand the importance of having a custom website designed specifically for them. They consider web site as an expense, rather than an investment. In an effort to save money, they often grab a template at random and design their own site, then wonder why it doesn’t get the response they anticipated.

Custom web sites benefits

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A good example of cognitive dissonance

Old good tale about the fox and the grape is a greate example of the human brain feature called cognitive dissonance. That simple video tell you the story in a nice way.

The reason why I published that information in my company business blog is an application of that human brain theory to the business, more specifically to what is the value of testimonials. I am in process of writing the article, that discloses that topic, so stay tuned.

How to select a digital agency for your online project: a short guide

Selecting the web agency that’s right for your particular needs depends on what you want to accomplish. Selecting the right company can also be very confusing and the price of the mistake can be high.
beauty_contest photo by Joseph M Maurer

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a web agency to work with your business. This article contains a short guide that can help you in the process.
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