Better credit card form free Magento eCommerce extension is released

Entering payment information is a critical part of purchase process and even slight improvement there can help significantly lift online retailer’s revenue.

Some time ago we’ve discovered a great jQuery library¬†developed by Jesse Pollak that makes the process to fill credit card details much more intuitive and user-friendly. It basically guide a user through the process and provides true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience. The image below (credits – J.Pollak) illustrates how it works better than words

Better credit card form for Magento eCommerce


The library is completely open-source (released under MIT) licence and we decided that it would be great to have a Magento eCommerce extension based on this library, so even not very technical savvy merchants can install it and benefit from much better credit card forms.

We were a bit busy with our other Magento extension, so it takes some time, but finally, Better Credit Card Form extension for Magento eCommerce is ready! We decided to release it under MIT licence, anybody can download it, use for commercial and non-commercial projects, improve and modify.

You are welcome to download the extension from our online store or Github and share your feedback with us.

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