Australian group buying web sites comparative analysis report is published

The research announced in our previous post is ready! You will find the way to download the full report (17 pages PDF file) at the end of the post.

Key findings (extracts from the report)

The chart below shows the volume of the deals that 5 group buying web sites reported for the period of the research (01 Sep to 25 Oct 2010):

Group Buying Web sites in Australia, deals volume Septembe - October 2010

Short review of each web site observed


Web site fights for second place in term of deals volume with Scoopon. It is leader in term of deals number recorder for leisure category (37% from total).


Ouffer holds 4th place by most parameters. The average size of deal is the lowest among observed services. Ouffer reported most successful deals for Eating Out category, where it hold 2nd place by the number of deals (after Scoopon).


Scoopon competes for the second place with JumpOnIt in term of volume and a leader in term of number of individual purchases. It also reported most deals share in categories Eating Out and Professional Services.


This web site is leader by the volume of deals recorded, while holds 3rd place (a bit behind JumpOnIt) in term of number of purchases. Spreets is also having the highest share in Beauty category, which was most popular kind of business promoted via group buying web sites.


Zoupon closes the five. It has lowest number of deals, purchases and volume among the analyzed services and heaviest average discount. Zoopon the only site that reported couple deals with 100% discount (in fact free coupons). Probably service is still young even according this very new market standards.


Group buying web sites nowadays are often mentioned as a disruptive model that dramatically will change marketing practice and the way of doing many kinds of businesses in general. While the author has some suspicious about how beneficial the model for some small businesses, which use it for promotion, it is clear that group purchase industry have a future.

Current market is in the immature stage, the volatility is pretty high, however three leading group purchasing web sites can be already defined: Spreets, Scoopon and JumpOnIt. Yet the gap is pretty small and probably the situation will change in ongoing months.

I will appreciate feedback from companies mentioned in research as well as group buying web sites that were missed and not noticed at all.


Given report prepared based on the data publicly available. The author made his best efforts to collect accurate, relevant and trustworthy information and interpret it correctly, however mistakes are always possible. If you use this report, you acknowledge the possibility of mistakes in data collection, calculation and interpretation, so you do it at your own risk. Neither author nor any legal entity affiliated with him bears any responsibility for any negative consequences you may face using this report, including possible losses, lost profit and any other damages or inconveniences. If you do not agree with that statement, do not download and use this report.

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18 Replies to “Australian group buying web sites comparative analysis report is published”

  1. Hi,

    Great article. Really interesting to see who is currently winning in the Aussie market.

    Thought you might be interested in a site we’ve set up to aggregate all the Group Buying sites together called We list all the sites currently live in Australia like Spreets, JumpOnIt, Our Deal etc, and we are getting notifications almost daily of new sites “coming soon”

    As well as the website we also provide aggregated email alerts, RSS feeds and Twitter feeds for each type of deal. No more receiving 15 different emails every day! You can find us at

  2. Hi,

    That was a great article and also a very inspiring set of figures.

    I have just recently started Groochi, which is a very similar business model to that of the others. I would be very interested in finding out what you think of my site.

    Thank you


    Paul Luxford

  3. Hi Paul,

    thanks for your interest to my research.

    I’ve visited your web site, it looks clear and good, while quite similar with others.

    Wish you good luck with your business venture!



  4. Good research.

    What do you think of the current market of group buying in Australia? Is it too late to launch a new website?


  5. Probably there is some space in the market yet, but for new-comers it will be harder and harder to compete with the incumbents.
    For the success of this business you need 2 things:
    – subscribers (people looking for deals);
    – businesses who want to get this kind of promotion.

    If you fail to get both, your venture fails and now it is harder than one year ago.

  6. Hi,

    Great Article. Since last year we’ve seen the daily deals market explode at such a rapid rate. Now it seems the best way to track all the group buy websites is buy using deal aggregator websites such as They give users a quick overview of all the deals that are on offer in one quick glance. Hope you can right a similar article at the middle of this year and see who the market leader is.



  7. I too im starting a website and it seems the gap for new commers is closing fast as the big sites gain more momentum through 2011

    Interesting to see what happens in the near future and how consumers deal with the growing number of sites.

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