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I admit that noticed this interesting article a bit late (it is dated end of November), but later is better than never. So, Patrick Stafford from SmartCompany wrote a good, comprehencive review of group buying industry in Australia.
It’s a pretty long article that gives ABC of the group buying model and reviews the state of market in Australia, so I would recommend everybody interested in the industry to check it. Especially agreeable, that Patric cited our research (while unfortunately forget to put a link to it).
Some most interesting quotes from the article:

  • Spreets, JumpOnIt and Scoopon are biggest players (opinion match our research);
  • Cudo is expected to die soon;
  • Groupon will come to Australia soon;

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  1. Cudo, although tipped to ‘die soon’ is back by the Nine network.
    Spreets was recently bought by Yahoo7
    Scoopon is financed by ‘Catch of the Day’, an Australian online retailer
    Jump On It scored $5mil from Living Social
    And finally…
    Our Deal is backed by Ten Network.

    Then there are numerous other daily group buy deal sites that are smaller in operation but nonetheless they are clones. That come to mind there a 6 others, making 11 group buying sites. Surely there are only so many Zumba lessons and IPL treatments members can purchase?

    I like to think a site i have been using will be the one to come out on top from under the radar,, as they offer a number of deals in each state available for longer periods (up to 3 months i believe). I dont think they are a daily deal site as i purchased a massage yesterday and received the voucher straight away, there was no mention of a minimum number of people to buy. Can i just say i liked that aspect of not having to rely on others to get what i want, word is some big media players are coming to their game so i expect to hear a lot more about them in the coming months.

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