GroupOn came to Australia as StarDeals.Com.Au?

Due to my interest to group buying industry, I try to watch regularly new sites that appearing in this arena in Australia. Today I made a search in Google and noticed new web site (in one of the Adwords),

To my big surprise, when I opened it I see the next picture:

GroupOn Australia

So finally it has happened, GroupOn came to Australia. All tells that the site was just launched:

  • current deal as well as  two closed deals so far and both looks like samples rather than real (same picture and dummy text, GroupOn Chicago address);
  • today sample deal is marked as ‘sold out’ in the middle of the day and with just 20 coupon purchased;
  • only Sydney is covered;
  • contact emaisl weren’t set up (I tried to write them but get bounces);
  • non-working links to Twitter, RSS and Facebook page (at the bottom)

Interesting to note that domain is registered by Groupon Europe GmbH.

We’ll see how it will develop, but if this is real attempt to launch in Australia, not a kind of exercise, it looks rather strange: why advertise in Google obviously ‘under constraction’ kind of site. Probably the reason is to start collecting subscribers database, but it can be done in a simpler way, with kind of “coming soon, leave your email’ temporary web page rather then unfinished piece of work with broken links.


  • BTW, registration is working, I have got a confirmation by email from … GroupOn Singapore;
  • if you click to Adword (it is still active, use ‘deals melbourne’ as keywords to see it) in fact you will see a page looks more similar to pre-launch one (with email deals subscription), but after you enter an email you see the site as I described

3 Replies to “GroupOn came to Australia as StarDeals.Com.Au?”

  1. Groupon.
    My experience with Groupon via Stardeals has been far from satisfactory.
    I purchased a voucher for a meal at a Gold Coast restaurant and then received an email stating that the restaurant had closed however my money would be refunded.
    As no credit appeared on my credit card statement I phoned Groupon to enquire its status.
    I was informed that unless I phoned to specifically request a credit nothing would be processed. I was then informed that a credit would now be processed and I should have it within 5 to 7 days.
    I now wait to see it Groupon is good to its word.
    I will think twice before using Groupon again.

  2. I have similar issue. I purchased a voucher for a meal at a restaurant in Surry Hills, when I wanted to book my dinner I’ve been informed that restaurant is under new management and they don’t accept the voucher and I should contact Groupon reg refund. I’ve send couple of e-mails to Groupon with no reply! Tried to call but the waiting time was over 30 min! Finally today I got through. They’ve said that they’ve had few complains about that merchant but haven’t made the decision regarding the refund as yet! I’ve been issued a ticket number and have to wait for an e-mail! And the refund will take up to 10 days! I will alsothink twice before using Groupon again!

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