Lookbook extension for Magento from Altima

UPDATE: Altima LookBook extension for Magento is live (free and professional versions), check http://blog.altima.net.au/lookbook-magento-extension/

For several years Altima has been developing customized online stores based on Magento Ecommerce platform. We feel a need in the solution that allows Magento merchants to showcase products they sell in a better way than plane product pictures. That’s how Magento Lookboox extension was born.

Lookbook for Magento from Altima preview screenshot
Lookbook for Magento preview (click to view full-size image)

Magento Lookbook allows to show big beautiful images with the references to your product (hotspots) right from the image. For example you may see the photo of leaving room with different pieces of furniture and each piece has a special mark. When a user roll-over to this mark he/she see small window with product name, price and direct link to product’s page.

The product is in the stage of beta-testing now and we plan to release it in late April-May 2012

You may already see LookBook for Magento in action at product demo site http://lookbook.altimawebsystems.com/


PayPal is about to launch a service to accept credit cards anywhere

The service called “PayPal Here” and according information available at PayPal website will allow to accept credit card payments in any place with mobile network coverage. Merchants need to have only smartphone with special app and (optionally?) a card reader that Paypal announced to distribute free of charge.

paypal_here.png  on Aviary

With 2.4% commission this products looks to compete with hot start-up Square that provides very similar solution. Square’s commission is stated as 2.75%


eBay buys Magento

According to official press-release published today at eBay web site, auction giant acquired rest of share in Magento Inc, the creator of Magento e-commerce – one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms. Last year eBay already bought 49% stake in Magento and today announced the full ownership purchase.

According press-release, Magento will be used to build new product from eBay, X-commerce:

X.Commerce, eBay’s newly created integrated open commerce platform group, is focused on leveraging the company’s assets and partner technologies to build a strong, robust developer community as a resource for merchants and retailers of all sizes

It’s interesting to track how the situation will develop and what happen with Magento open-source solution. It would be pity if eBay decides to shut it down.