Interactive tool for fast IT project feasibility evaluation

If you still not sure, should your business run the prospect IT project, that tool from leading US research company Forrester Research will help you to make a right decision. The tool consists from two sets of questions:

  • about resources and efforts you need to invest
  • about values and benefits that the project brings

Each answer adds some score to the one of that (cost or benefit) sides and as a result the project is classified .
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Altima Interactive web site is featured at ModX

ModX CMFModX is content management framework (CMF), that we used to program Altima Interactive web site. There is a section “Made In ModX” where developers can show what they created with that CMF. We had submitted our web site here and pretty soon it was approved to be featured at ModX showcases section.

If you like our work you are welcome to visit ModX showcases and grade us, we hope that evaluation will be high 😉

Smart Company Web Awards 2010

Popular online resource for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and business managers “Smart Company” announced the winners of their 2nd annual Web Award competition. There were more than 160 contestats and quality of web sites submitted much improved since last year.

So, who are the happy winners? Here is a list:

I encourage you to visit Smart Company web site to read detailed information about competition, winners and why they won. You can also download there free e-book with tips how to build good web site.


How to select a web agency?

Recently I took part in answering LinkedIn question “how to select righ web agency?”. I believe that information posted there would be useful both for people thinking about ordering web design and development and for web agencies who care about their business. I will quote my own advice, for rest you are welcome to visit link at the end of post.

– references from customers of that agency. It is important to hear what clients say;
– size. For some tasks and some clients smaller agencies may be better, while for others the bigger partners are preferred;
– delivery model. It is neither good or bad, but you often need to know, where your agency developers are situated. From one hand, if they are offshore, it may explain the lower price, suspicious otherwise. From the other hand, If your project may require on-site job, you will need an agency with local specialists.

Check this link for full Q&A