Altima LookBook extension is available in Magento Connect

Lookbook extension for Magento eCommerce developed by Altima (both free and professional versions) is checked by Magento and available at Magento Connect.

Altima Lookbook Magento Extension Screenshot
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LookBook extension allows online merchants who run Magento store to create an interactive gallery with photos of the good they sell in environment. Each photo can have several clickable hotspots that link the images at the photo with products available at the store.

Altima LookBook Free
Altima LookBook Professional


You still can download both versions of extensions directly from Altima Interactive website

Lookbook extension for Magento from Altima

UPDATE: Altima LookBook extension for Magento is live (free and professional versions), check

For several years Altima has been developing customized online stores based on Magento Ecommerce platform. We feel a need in the solution that allows Magento merchants to showcase products they sell in a better way than plane product pictures. That’s how Magento Lookboox extension was born.

Lookbook for Magento from Altima preview screenshot
Lookbook for Magento preview (click to view full-size image)

Magento Lookbook allows to show big beautiful images with the references to your product (hotspots) right from the image. For example you may see the photo of leaving room with different pieces of furniture and each piece has a special mark. When a user roll-over to this mark he/she see small window with product name, price and direct link to product’s page.

The product is in the stage of beta-testing now and we plan to release it in late April-May 2012

You may already see LookBook for Magento in action at product demo site


PayPal is about to launch a service to accept credit cards anywhere

The service called “PayPal Here” and according information available at PayPal website will allow to accept credit card payments in any place with mobile network coverage. Merchants need to have only smartphone with special app and (optionally?) a card reader that Paypal announced to distribute free of charge.

paypal_here.png  on Aviary

With 2.4% commission this products looks to compete with hot start-up Square that provides very similar solution. Square’s commission is stated as 2.75%


Altima Interactive sponsors Startup Hackathon Melbourne

Startup Hackathon Melbourne logo designed by Altima Interactive

Startup Hackathon Melbourne brings together teams of entrepreneurial IT and design students from universities around Victoria, to launch web-based startups – from scratch – in 48 hours.

We decided to support that great event and sponsored it with our creative design and web development service: Altima created Startup Hackathon Melbourne logo, designed and coded website (main version).

Startup Hackathon Melbourne website
Startup Hackathon Melbourne website created by Altima

We wish Startup Hackathon Melbourne participants all the best in the competition.

It will be a great event!

An article written by Altima leading designer is published in CreNative

The article written by German Lyutajev is about current trends in Ukrainian graphic design.

Ukraine identity version created by Altima
Ukraine. Just Unforgettable

Ukrainian design now is in a rather unstable state and evokes mixed judgments. Many specialists suppose that one of the problems of the professional Ukrainian design is a brake between “old” and “new” specialists. While new techniques and instruments have being come into service, most young people have to master themselves because instructors of the “old guard” are not always familiar with these techniques. In reference to quality design, the competition level there is quite low, a lack of understanding of design significance being terrific.

So if you have an interest in the graphic design you are welcome to read full article

Scoopon reached settlement with Groupon regarding domain and trademark

The battle between Scoopon and Groupon over domain and related trademark seems to be over. It’s reported in SMH  that the parties reached settlement and US group buying giant got domain and TM for undisclosed compensation.

Industry experts believe that that the deal value is at least not less than $289K (the sum, which Scoopon founders brothers Hezi and Gabby Liebovich asked).

Despite of the deal domain still leads nowhere at this moment. It’s be interesting to see how fast Groupon will change branding of it’s Aussie venture currently called StarDeals to Groupon.

Popular Russian web server nginx incorporating

nginx web server

Author of one of most popular web servers for high load websites, nginx, Igor Sysoev wrote yesterday at his website that he is creating a company to foster nginx development.

According last Netcraft survey nginx is used for over 7% of million busiest sites

Up to date Igor Sysoev has been working in big Russian Internet company Rambler.Ru and nginx was developed as an open-source project while used for Rambler as well.

It’s promised in Ihor’s post that new company will keep nginx open-source.

For now it is unclear will Sysoev combine this new business with employment in Rambler and what will be a revenue model for new company.

Group buying industry future looks not so cloudless

Recent research conducted by Professor Utpal M. Dholakia from Rice University contains facts that are not very pleasant form currently booming group buying industry:

  • just a bit more than half (55.5%) of businesses recorded a profit after group buying promotion, more than quarter (26.5%)  made losses and the rest broke even
  • less than half of businesses that ran group buying promotion are going to do it in the future;
  • almost 3/4 of merchants have no loyalty to group deal provider and ready to switch

So the conclusion that the researchers made is not very positive for group buying industry especially for websites that provide deals: the little loyalty, low rate of interest to repeat purchase from merchants and increasing competition will lead to the erosion of the current healthy margin and make the life of group deals providers harder.

The research collected data from 324 US businesses operating in 23 markets that used group buying promotion in 2009-2011.

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