New version of Altima Lookbook Pro released with number of great improvements

New version of Altima Lookbook Professional announcement

We are happy to announce the release of new version of Altima Lookbook Professional. This new version has number 1.6 and contains number of significant changes, both in underlying technologies and in functionality.

1. Move to new jQuery slider library.

In previous versions of Altima Lookbook we had been using Camera library for slideshow functionality. Camera was a great solution couple years ago and still works fine, but the project looks a bit abandoned, there are no new releases for a long time. New version of Magento (CE 1.9+ and EE 1.14+) includes responsive theme that contains Cycle2 library, which is now recommended to be used for carousels/sliders/slideshows, so we decided to migrate our extension to this new library. In addition to working with more up-to-date technology your store in many cases will have less libraries included that is good for both performance (faster load time) and technical complexity of the solution.

We’ve worked hard to replicate the functionality missed in Cycle2 library, namely all that nice transitions that existed in Camera, so new version of Altima Lookbook didn’t lose any nice feature.

2. Automatic jQuery inclusion recognition

Around 75% of issues our customers reports to us when they install our extension are related with double jQuery inclusion. If it happens Altima Lookbook and often other extensions using jQuery don’t work as they should. To tackle this we’ve added and automatic recognition, is there jQuery already included on the page where lookbook slider should appear and if it is we don’t include jQuery. So there will be less conflicts and easier installation.

3. Improved work with vertical sliders

In the previous versions if your slider contains both portrait (vertical) and landscape images the slider may look a bit odd: portrait/vertically oriented slider occupies less horizontal space, so rendering of such sliders were not ideal. In new version we transform all slides in the slider to have the same dimensions, so such portrait slides look much better.

4. Call specific slide in slider

We had several requests from the client about making a link to lookbook slider such a way that it starts not from the first slide, but from slide #3 for example. Now it is possible, you can add a parameter in URL and people who click URL will see your lookbook starting from the specific slide.

Aside of these major changes we’ve fixed number of small bugs and made other little improvements, so we hope that you’ll enjoy using a new version of Altima Lookbook Professional.

To purchase Altima Lookbook Pro visit our store

You can also visit product page on Magento Connect to check what our customers think about the extension

Altima Interactive sponsors Startup Hackathon Melbourne

Startup Hackathon Melbourne logo designed by Altima Interactive

Startup Hackathon Melbourne brings together teams of entrepreneurial IT and design students from universities around Victoria, to launch web-based startups – from scratch – in 48 hours.

We decided to support that great event and sponsored it with our creative design and web development service: Altima created Startup Hackathon Melbourne logo, designed and coded website (main version).

Startup Hackathon Melbourne website
Startup Hackathon Melbourne website created by Altima

We wish Startup Hackathon Melbourne participants all the best in the competition.

It will be a great event!

Two greatest barries to entry into Social Media

social media marketing barriers
(c) R2i

R2i surveyed 296 marketing professionals in Nov 2010 and  45 percent stated that time and resources would be their greatest combined challenge in 2011. Forty two percent stated that time and resources were the greatest barriers to entry into social media, and 38 percent that their biggest mistake with social media was not allocating proper time and resources. One possible reason for this conundrum may stem from companies trying to be all things to all people in all places, which is simply a time and resource impossibility for programmatic social media marketing. By optimizing scale and relevance within their social media programs, marketers can better devise and execute on activities that are necessary for effective social media marketing, such as strategy development, headcount allocation, and content creation.

Full research is available at R2integrated web site.