An article written by Altima leading designer is published in CreNative

The article written by German Lyutajev is about current trends in Ukrainian graphic design.

Ukraine identity version created by Altima
Ukraine. Just Unforgettable

Ukrainian design now is in a rather unstable state and evokes mixed judgments. Many specialists suppose that one of the problems of the professional Ukrainian design is a brake between “old” and “new” specialists. While new techniques and instruments have being come into service, most young people have to master themselves because instructors of the “old guard” are not always familiar with these techniques. In reference to quality design, the competition level there is quite low, a lack of understanding of design significance being terrific.

So if you have an interest in the graphic design you are welcome to read full article

Two Season Greeting e-cards from Altima: which one is better

Christmas and New Year, two probably biggest holidays are coming. Just in couple of days we will have a Christmas Eve and in a bit more than one week the year of 2010 will end. Most of people will have at least a week of rest to forget about their job, problems and celebrate these wonderful festivities.

From the whole Altima team I wish all our partners, clients (current and future), blog readers and everybody have a lot of fun during the holidays and great success in New Year of 2011. Our creative team prepared two ecards to congratulate you, I have though long time which one is better and finally decided to post both. So enjoy and feel free to express your opinion in the comments.

Christmas and New Year flash ecard
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New Year and Christmas e-card (Flash)
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Altima Interactive became a member of ABCC

Altima joined Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC)

ABCC — Australia’s most senior Chamber of Commerce and the leading business executive network between Australia and the UK.
Recently ABCC celebrates its 100th anniversary in Australia. Chamber has headquarter in Sydney, and offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Altima Interactive web site is featured at ModX

ModX CMFModX is content management framework (CMF), that we used to program Altima Interactive web site. There is a section “Made In ModX” where developers can show what they created with that CMF. We had submitted our web site here and pretty soon it was approved to be featured at ModX showcases section.

If you like our work you are welcome to visit ModX showcases and grade us, we hope that evaluation will be high 😉