Lookbook Pro version 1.5.2 is released

Altima Lookbook Professional version 1.5.2 is released today.

Altima Lookbook Pro screnshot
Altima Lookbook Pro screnshot, click to the image to enlarge

What is new in the latest version:

  • support of real-time hotspots placement for better responsiveness. Now hotspots are placed on right positions on fly, without page reload, which is especially useful for mobile users who switch from portrait to landscape mode or vice-verse;
  • support of single slide mode. Some customer uses lookbook with just one slide. For example it can be used to display a scheme with many small products linked. We have improved usability for this case, right now if you have just one slide the navigation and transition effects will be automatically disabled, you may check single slide in action here (link to our demo-site);
  • support of default link. Right now you can define a default link for each slide. It is linked with the whole slide and works when user clicks to the slide area not related with any hotspots or in the case when the slider is degraded to simple gallery on very small screens. Effectively it also allows to use our extension for simple slider, when you need just one link per slide, so you don’t need to install multiple extensions;
  • small fixes and minor improvements;

You can check new version in action on demo website.

To purchase Altima Lookbook Professional – visit our online store.

Altima Lookbook Free is now responsive and supports Magento CE 1.9

Altima Lookbook Free Magento extension mobile screenshot
Click to the image to enlarge

Less than 2 months after upgrade of Altima Lookbook Professional we are happy to announce that a new version of Altima Lookbook Free is issued. New version changes:

  • Support of responsiveness, lookbook slider now adopts to the screen size. The same notes we had for Pro version responsiveness are relevant for free one too
  • Compatibility with Magento Community Edition version 1.9
  • Minor bug fixes

To download and install Altima Lookbook Free – go to our online store or to Magento Connect.

If you like our extension – spent couple minutes and give a review. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed too, you can connect with us via Twitter, Facebook or just drop email via contact form

Altima Lookbook Pro is responsive now!

We’ve just issued new version of Altima Lookbook Professional, an extension for Magento eCommerce that allows online retailers to create interactive sliders for their store.

Altima Lookbook Pro slider mobile screenshot

The demo is available at http://lookbook.altimawebsystems.com

New version, numbered 1.5.0 is released August 11 and has the next important updates:

  • Lookbooks are responsive now. We have been asked about that numerous time by our clients and finally that feature has arrived – size of Altima Lookbook Pro sliders now can adopt to screen size and therefore can be used easily with responsive themes like new one that supported by default in Magento CE version 1.9
  • Naturally the extenison is compatible with Magento CE version 1.9 now;
  • Support of jQuery 1.10
  • Minor bugfixes;

Few notes about responsiveness.

First, placement of hotspots is defined on the load of page, so if you just resize browser window you’ll notice that hotspots are getting wrong. It isn’t ideal but shouldn’t affect most of the users who just load the website and don’t play with its window size. After page reload the placement is corrected.

Second, if the area for lookbook becoming equal or smaller that certain size (400 pixels wide now) it degrades to the simple slideshow, without hotspots. The reason of that is that our tests indicated that it isn’t a good user experience to operate hotspots on small screens. It is possible however to change that limit in configuration file if you really want it.

To purchase Altima Lookbook Pro – visit our online store.

We will continue work under new version of Altima Lookbook, stay tuned, there are lot’s of idea we have to implement, but if you have your thoughts about how we can make the extension better – drop us a line to support@altima.net.au!

Altima Lookbook Pro slider mobile screenshot

Altima Lookbook new version released: better work with mobile, multi-domain version

We have released version 1.0.3 of Altima Lookbook extension for Magento e-commerce platform. Both free and paid editions are updated.

Now lookbook works better with mobile touchscreen devices – there were few issues with hotspots behaviour that we fixed.

In Pro version we have added an option to buy multi-domain license for the cases when you are running multiple store-fronts with different domains from a single Magento installation.

You are welcome to buy extensions in Altima Shop or check them on Magento Connect – Altima Lookbook Free and Altima Lookbook Pro

Lookbook Free with new slider released

Less than one month after we implemented new slider in Altima Lookbook Professional, our team released free version of this popular Magento eCommerce extension with new great slider – Camera by Pixedelic.

So now Lookbook Free has same great features that were available in Professional version only:

  •  28 transition effects;
  • ability to display slide’s thumbnails;
  • number of other fine-tuning options
You can see Lookbook Free in action on demo site and download it for free from Altima online store
Altima Lookbook Free version front-end
Altima Lookbook Free version front-end



Altima LookBook Professional version 1.0.1 released

Lookbook Professional Magento Extension
Altima Lookbook Pro

Almost an year after the 1st version of Altima Lookbook was published, we have completed major update of our extension: jQuery slider library used in Altima Lookbook is now replaced to new one that provides much better functionality: more transition effects, better performance on mobile devices, ability to use thumbnails of images instead of dots in pagination and tons of other small but nice features.

Altima team did a lot of research with different sliders and one we selected and use now is Camera by Pixedelic. This guys did really great job and so far it is the best solution we found.

You can check our demo site to see new version of Lookbook Pro  in action. It is available for sale in Altima online store.

Free version of our Magengo eCommerce extension with new slider is coming soon.

New version of Altima Lookbook Professional released

Five months after 1st LookBook Pro release we have prepared new version of our popular extension for Magento eCommerce. New functionality added is the result of invaluable feedback we got from our clients.

Altima Lookbook Pro

So, what functionality was added? Here is the list:

  • It’s possible now to add sliders as snippet or widget added, so there is more flexibility in the ways you can use to incorporate Lookbook to your store;
  • Now it is possible to use any URL from hotspots (not only to products in store as it was before) ;
  • minor improvements and bugfixes;

We thanks all our clients who provides us with feedback and hope that new version of the extension will help your or your clients Magento store works even better

Altima LookBook extension for Magento surpassed 100 downloads

Two months ago 1st version of Altima LookBook extension for Magento was uploaded. It is the 1st commercial extension that Altima created for public distribution ( there are 2 versions of the LookBook – free and enriched paid) and we are happy to see a good level of interest from Magento merchants and developers: the extension was downloaded over 100 times from Magento Connect.

altima_magento_100.png  on Aviaryaltima_magento_100.png on Aviary.

Somebody can count that number as quite modest, but taking into account that this is our first product published at Magento Connect, we consider the result as fairly good, especially taking in account that the extension got number of very positive reviews.

All our team thanks customers for their interest and support!

Altima LookBook extension is available in Magento Connect

Lookbook extension for Magento eCommerce developed by Altima (both free and professional versions) is checked by Magento and available at Magento Connect.

Altima Lookbook Magento Extension Screenshot
Click to enlarge

LookBook extension allows online merchants who run Magento store to create an interactive gallery with photos of the good they sell in environment. Each photo can have several clickable hotspots that link the images at the photo with products available at the store.

Altima LookBook Free
Altima LookBook Professional


You still can download both versions of extensions directly from Altima Interactive website

Lookbook extension for Magento from Altima

UPDATE: Altima LookBook extension for Magento is live (free and professional versions), check http://blog.altima.net.au/lookbook-magento-extension/

For several years Altima has been developing customized online stores based on Magento Ecommerce platform. We feel a need in the solution that allows Magento merchants to showcase products they sell in a better way than plane product pictures. That’s how Magento Lookboox extension was born.

Lookbook for Magento from Altima preview screenshot
Lookbook for Magento preview (click to view full-size image)

Magento Lookbook allows to show big beautiful images with the references to your product (hotspots) right from the image. For example you may see the photo of leaving room with different pieces of furniture and each piece has a special mark. When a user roll-over to this mark he/she see small window with product name, price and direct link to product’s page.

The product is in the stage of beta-testing now and we plan to release it in late April-May 2012

You may already see LookBook for Magento in action at product demo site http://lookbook.altimawebsystems.com/